How To Use A Brake Bleeder Kit?

What is Brake Bleeding? 

Brake bleeding is a type of maintenance process that is performed to make sure that the brake system of a vehicle works in a fully efficient and effective manner. 

Brake Bleeding

In this process the unwanted components such as air bubbles, old and polluted fluids, etc are removed from the brake system and these components are replaced by new or fresh fluids. 

Reasons For Doing Brake Bleeding

There are various reasons which the brake bleeding process needs to be followed. Some of those reasons are as follows:-

Use of Hydraulic Brakes

Nowadays, vehicles make use of hydraulic brakes as they give better performance. These brakes use brake fluids for the transmission of force. These fluids are incompressible and make sure that enough force is given to the brake pads to slow down or stop the car. As the vehicles use hydraulic brakes, they come with fluids. Thus, when these fluids get contaminated, they need to be replaced and the bleeding process needs to be done. 

A Man working on Brake Bleeding

Removal of Air and Contaminated Components

Air easily enters the brake system if there is any leakage in the brake lines or any other wear and tear in the brake system. As air is compressible, it makes the pedal free and this leads to a poor performance of the brake pads. 

To remove this unwanted air from the brake system, brake bleeding is done. 


Regular maintenance at regular intervals needs to be done to make sure that the brake system works efficiently. For this, a brake bleeding process is also undertaken to check if there are any contaminated components in the brake system. 

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Types of Brake Bleeding

The brake bleeding process can be done in various ways which have been mentioned below:-

The Manual Process of Brake Bleeding

This is the traditional method of brake bleeding. As the name suggests, this type of brake bleeding is done on a manual basis. First of all, the bleeder valve is opened by using manual tools. After this, the brake pedal is pressed and it is held in a downward direction. Then, the brake pedal is released. This process is continued until the brake system is free of all the unwanted air and old fluids. 

Pressure Brake Bleeding

Gravity Brake Bleeding

This type of brake bleeding is performed with the help of gravity. In this, by using the force of gravity, the brake fluids are removed from the brake system. This process is easy but it is a little time-consuming. 

Also, this process may not be perfect for all the vehicles. 

Pressure Brake Bleeding

In this method, special tools like a pressure bleeder, are used to make the brake fluids and air come out of the system. By using the pressure bleeder and master cylinder reservoir, the old and contaminated air and fluids are taken out of the brake system and fresh fluids are filled via the brake lines. 

Vacuum Bleeding

In this, a manual vacuum pump is used and the old fluids are replaced by fresh ones. This is done by connecting a tube to the bleeder valve. 

Reverse Brake Bleeding

In this method the old and contaminated brake fluids are forced to come out and fresh ones are added. This method pushes the air bubbles up and forces them to come out of the brake system. 

What is A Brake Bleeder Kit? 

A brake bleeder kit is basically a tool kit that consists of a number of equipment and tools. This kit is to undertake the process of brake bleeding. 

A Brake Bleeder Kit

Some of the common tools and types of equipment that come in a brake bleeder kit are as follows:-

Bleeder Bottle

This is to collect the expelled brake fluid so that it doesn’t get dripped onto the ground. 

Hoses and Adapters

These are flexible hoses and adapters which are responsible for connecting the brake bleeder valves on the brake calipers. 

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

The brake bleeder kit also consists of a vacuum pump so that if you want to use the vacuum brake bleeding process, you can use this manual pump to take out the old and contaminated air and fluids. 

Bleeder Valve Wrench

This is a specialized wrench that helps in the opening and closing of bleeder valves. 

Bleeder Valve Caps

This cap is to cover the bleeder valves so that they do not leak during or after the brake bleeding process. 


This manual consists of all the details about the equipment and tools. With the help of it you can get to know the usage of the tools and equipment provided in the kit. 

How to Use A Brake Bleeder Kit? 

To use a brake bleeder kit, you should start with its manual. You should first read the manual very carefully and if you feel that it is risky for you to use the kit, kindly consult a professional. 

How to Use A Brake Bleeder Kit

You can use the below-mentioned steps to use a brake bleeder kit:-

  • Firstly, you should collect all the tools and equipment and make sure that all of them are ready to use and they do not have any defects. 
  • Then, you should prepare your vehicle for the same by parking it on a level surface. 
  • Then, you need to wear proper gloves and other safety equipment. 
  • Then, you will need to open the bonnet and check the fluid level by locating the master cylinder reservoir. 
  • After this you will decide the method that you are going to use for brake bleeding. 
  • Then, you should clean the area surrounding the bleeder valves for the prevention of dirt. 
  • After cleaning the area, loosen the cap of the master cylinder reservoir to make the air enter while bleeding the brakes. 
  • Then, attach the hose and adapter to the bleeder valve. 
  • By this, you will start the brake bleeding process. 

If you want to use vacuum brake bleeding, you should attach the vacuum pump to the other end of the hose. In case of pressure bleeding, you will be required to attach the pressure pump to the master cylinder reservoir. 

For manual bleeding, you will need a helper press for pressing the brake pedal whenever needed. 

A Complete Brake Bleeding Process

  • After this, for vacuum and pressure bleeding, you will need to open the bleeder valve by using a wrench. In case of manual bleeding, your helper will be required to press and hold the brake. 
  • Then, you need to notice the old and contaminated brake fluids and air that are coming out. 
  • You need to continue this until you see clear fluid coming out. 
  • After this you will be closing the bleeder valve. 
  • You will need to repeat this process with all your brake calipers. 
  • You should also keep a check on the fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir during the process. 
  • After completing this brake bleeding process, you should check the efficiency of your brakes. 

Importance of A Brake Bleeder Kit

Enhanced Balance

Brake bleeding removes the additional unwanted air from the brake system which enhances the functioning of the brake pads. This gives better control and balance to the driver. 

Air Removal

The brake bleeding process is done by opening the bleeder valves which are located at the top of the system. This helps in the removal of air. This allows the brake system to work properly and effectively. 

Prevention of Brake Fade

Brake fade basically refers to the loss of brake efficiency. It occurs when the brakes do not work properly due to overheating. When the brake fluids get contaminated or old, they start observing heavy amounts of moisture easily. This leads to heavy braking as the brakes do not work properly. This heavy braking leads to overheating. 

Brake bleeding eliminates the old and contaminated fluids and replaces them by fresh fluids, thus, preventing brake fade. 

Brake Components

Enhances the Durability of Brake Components:

The brake bleeding process removes unwanted air and old fluids from the brake system. This prevents the brake components from getting inefficient in a short duration. Thus, brake bleeding enhances the life of the brake system and its components. 

Ensures Safety

As the brake bleeding system gives better control of the brake system, helps in the prevention of brake fade and allows the brake system to give a better performance, it ensures the safety of the driver and passengers. 

When to Use a Brake Bleeder Kit? 

You can make use of a brake bleeder kit under the below mentioned situations:-

Regular Upkeep

You can use a brake bleeder kit for routine maintenance of your brake system and its components to make sure that they are working efficiently. 

Spongy Brake Pedal

If you feel that your brake pedal is soft or spongy, you should use your brake bleeder kit as this can be a sign of the presence of air in your brake system. 

Break Fade

Prevention of Brake Fade

Brake fade basically refers to the loss of brake efficiency. It occurs when the brakes do not work properly due to overheating. You can use your brake bleeder kit under this situation. 

Before a Performance Event

You should use your brake bleeding kit and perform the brake bleeding process before a performance event to make sure that your brakes are going to work appropriately. 

Final Words

So, this was all about the brake bleeding process which is very important to make sure that the brake system of your vehicle performs well. Also, this process can be done by you by making use of the brake bleeding kit the usage of which has been explained in this article. 

FAQs of Brake Bleeder Kit

Can I do brake bleeding without a brake bleeder kit? 

Yes, it is possible but it will be easier and safer for you if you make use of a brake bleeder kit. 

Can the brake fluid that is collected during the brake bleeding process be reused? 

No, it is not recommended to reuse that fluid because it is old and contaminated. 

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