How To Set A Subwoofer In A Car?

As we all know listening to songs is something of which we can never get bored as it is a part of our life. Even most of us have a habit of listening to songs at least once a day and it has a lot of benefits such as boosting our moods, reducing stress, etc.

Listening to songs becomes a kind of necessity while traveling in a car or any other vehicle.  However, today’s generation doesn’t like listening to songs without a good base and high sound audio. Thus, in today’s world, it has become necessary to have a subwoofer in your car to enjoy a good base of music.  In this article, you will get information about subwoofers, their types, their set up and many more things related to it. And yes one more thing I would like to suggest you always keep a brake bleeder kit in your car but you don’t know how to use a brake bleeder kit then check my article now.

Introduction to A Subwoofer

Subwoofers in car

A subwoofer is a kind of speaker which has been designed mainly for low frequency sounds. This means that a subwoofer produces bass and gives a better listening experience to the listeners. Its speciality is that it adds power, depth, richness and immersion in music, movies, videos or any other content having audio. The subwoofers are mainly used in home audio systems, car audio systems and professional sound systems. 

Types of Car Subwoofers

There are a number of subwoofers that you can use in your car. Some of these are as follows:-

Component Subwoofers

These are a type of subwoofers which are highly flexible and offer an amazing sound quality. These subwoofers allow the listeners to customize the setup and get a personalized listening experience. 

Enclosed Subwoofers

These subwoofers are manufactured in such a manner that they can be fitted in a specific place in the car such as the car’s trunk. These types of subwoofers are generally pre installed in cars. These are very convenient and are ready to use. They do not need any type of closure planning. 

Powered Subwoofers in Car

Powered Subwoofers

These subwoofers which are also known as active subwoofers also give amazing performance. They come with built-in amplifiers. These subwoofers can be installed effortlessly. These are the best subwoofers if you have less space to place them. 

Under Seat Subwoofers

As the name suggests, these are a type of subwoofers which are designed in such a way that they can be placed under the seat of your car. They offer an amazing quality of bass. 

Free Air Subwoofers

These subwoofers can be placed on any solid surface like the rear panel. They use the interior space of the car as an enclosure. These subwoofers are an amazing choice, their installation should be done in an appropriate manner. 

Shallow Mount Subwoofers

These subwoofers are manufactured for those vehicles which have less depth. Even in less space, these subwoofers give a very good bass performance. 

Multi Subwoofer System

This is a type of multi subwoofer setup which allows the listeners to use more than one subwoofer together. This gives a more powerful and immersing sound.

Multi Subwoofer System in Car

Steps to Set-Up A Subwoofer In A Car

Below mentioned are the steps that you can follow to set up a subwoofer in your car:-

Selecting a subwoofer

First of all, you will need to select the type of subwoofer that you wish to get in your vehicle. 

You can go for any subwoofer such as component subwoofer, multi – subwoofer system and many more in accordance with your needs and preferences. 

Collecting Equipments 

After the selection of the subwoofer, you will need to gather the equipment required to set up your selected subwoofer. 

Planning For Installation 

Then, you will need to plan and finalize the area in your car where you wish to set up the subwoofer. Some of these areas are trunks, decks, inside the seat, etc. 

Installation of The Subwoofer

A Man installing Car Subwoofer into trunk

After planning the installation, you will need to start with the process by disconnecting the negative terminal of your car’s battery to make sure that it is safe to install the subwoofer. 

Then, you will be mounting and connecting the subwoofer to the amplifier by making use of the required speaker wires.

Installation of The Amplifier

After installing the subwoofer, you will need to install the amplifier in an area where it can stay away from heat sources. 

Proper Wiring

After the installation of your subwoofer and amplifier, check the wiring of the complete speaker system and make sure that all the wires are properly connected. 


Then, adjust the subwoofer according to your needs. You may adjust its frequency and bass boost settings. You may also need to adjust the head unit settings to enable the subwoofer output. 

Reconnecting The Battery

After making the required adjustments, you will be reconnecting the negative terminal of the battery. 


After completing the process, you may test your subwoofers once by playing different audios and songs of different bass and frequency.  By this your subwoofer will be set up in your car. However, if you face any difficulties or you feel that it is not safe for you to do it on your own kindly consult a professional for setting up your subwoofer. 

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Woman Testing Subwoofer in Car 

Advantages of A Subwoofer In A Car

There are numerous advantages of having a subwoofer in a car some of which are as follows:-

Better Bass

A regular car speaker may not be able to give a high quality experience but the presence of subwoofers in a car gives you an enhanced bass quality. 

Better Sound Quality

As a subwoofer gives a better bass quality, this enhances the listening experience and gives a better sound quality. 

Balancing in Audio

There are a lot of music, audio, movies and other audio content which have audio with a high base and low frequency. These types of audio can be heard and enjoyed better with the help of a subwoofer. 

Customized Experience

By making use of subwoofers you can get a customized listening experience as you can change the level of bass. 

Speakers Durability

As the subwoofer produces bass, your speakers no longer need to put efforts and produce bass which makes them more durable. 

Better Car Audio System

With subwoofers, you get proper bass quality, frequency and audio sound, this enhances your car audio system and gives a better listening experience. 

Better Audio System in Your Car

Final Words

So, this was all about subwoofers and the steps following which you can set up a subwoofer in your car. There are various advantages of subwoofers which have been explained in this article. Also, there are numerous types of subwoofers that you can go for according to your needs and preferences. Now, you can easily select a subwoofer for your car and set it up.

FAQs of Set A Subwoofer in A Car

Is it necessary to purchase a separate amplifier for my subwoofer? 

It depends upon the type of subwoofer that you are going to set up in your vehicle. 

Will setting up of a subwoofer lead to the drainage of my car’s battery? 

No, it will not drain your car battery. However, if you listen to music or any other audio at a very high volume for a long period continuously, it may affect your car’s battery. S

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