How To Know if Your Car Has ABS?

Do you have a fear of losing control over your vehicle? Do you think that there should be a system that can control the speed of your wheels? Do you want to reduce the risk of skidding? 

If the answer of any of the above questions is “yes”, you have come at the right page as in this article you will get to know about an amazing safety feature of car known as ABS. 

Introduction to ABS

ABS system in car

ABS refers to the anti-lock braking system which is a well known feature in vehicles, especially cars. This feature is for safety purposes. 

As the name suggests, this feature prevents the wheels from getting locked while hard braking. In this manner, this feature helps the driver in having a good control over the vehicle. This also helps in the prevention of risks of skidding or losing control. 

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Working or Functioning of ABS

ABS works in a very effective manner and helps in preventing the wheels from getting locked. Below mentioned is the process or the manner in which ABS works or functions:-

Detection of the speed of the wheel

All the wheels of your car come with speed sensors. This, whenever there is a sudden change in any of the wheels, the wheel speed sensor informs this to the ABS. Then, the ABS control module detects the speed of all the wheels. 


After detecting the wheel, if any of the wheels has a possibility of getting locked, the ABS system gets activated for that wheel. This decision is taken by the ABS system in less than milliseconds. The ABS system had the ability to take this decision in such a short time as the ABS control module monitors the wheels and their speed continuously. This module is also known as the brain of the ABS system. 

Working of ABS

Work of Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU)

After the successful activation of the ABS system, this HCU i.e the hydraulic control unit takes action. It is responsible for controlling the brake fluid pressure of the wheel which has a possibility of getting locked. If the wheel gets locked, the ABS system rapidly reduces the brake pressure with the help of HCU. Basically, the main function of HCU is to prevent the complete lock up of the wheel. 

Brake Pulsation

After the HCU gets activated and starts working to control the wheel and prevent it from getting locked, the driver starts feeling a pulsating sensation. This sensation makes sure that the ABS system is working properly and is controlling the wheel. This sensation may be a little annoying for the driver but this prevents the wheel from getting locked. 

Steering Control

By activating the HCU and giving this pulsated sensation, the ABS system controls the wheels and their speed and allows the driver to control the wheel and handle them. In this way, ABS prevents the risks of accidents and losing control. 


Once the driver takes the wheels in his control, the ABS system stops controlling the wheel and handles it completely to the driver. Thus, at the end, this ABS system gets deactivated. 

Advantages of ABS

Advantages of Anti lock braking system

There are a lot of advantages of the presence of ABS systems in a car. Some of its key advantages are as follows:-

Better Control

As the ABS system prevents the wheels of your vehicle from getting blocked, it gives a better steering control. 

Enhanced Safety

ABS reduces the risk of injuries by reducing the risk of accidents and losing control. 

Gives stability

It reduces slipping or skidding on slippery and uneven surfaces and helps in the establishment of stability. 

Wheels Stop Easily

In some situations where you have to cover short distances, ABS can be quite advantageous as it will help you to stop the vehicle quickly and control the wheels and bring their speed down. 

Confidence Building

As ABS controls the wheels of the car and enables the driver to have better control on it, this helps in the building of confidence and the driver drives without stress and starts believing himself. 

Safety and standard feature

Nowadays, in a lot of vehicles ABS has become a necessary feature as it offers high safety and is considered a standard feature. 

How to Check Whether Your Car Has ABS or Not?

There are a lot of ways with the help of which you can get to know whether your car has ABS or not. Some of those ways are as follows:-

Consulting the Owner’s Manual

You can have a look at the manual which is provided to you with the vehicle. With this you will get to know whether your car has this ABS feature or not. 

ABS Light

Whenever you start your car, it will display the dashboard lights. In those lights, you can check if there is an ABS indicator. If you see an ABS indicator there, it means that your car has ABS. 

ABS Light

A lot of cars come with the logo of ABS. So, if you want to confirm the availability of ABS in your car, you can check its logo. 

ABS Components

The cars which consist of ABS consist of other ABS components also such as ABS sensor, wiring, Hydraulic control unit and many more. If any of these components is available in your car, it means your car has an ABS system. 

Consulting a Mechanic

Besides the above mentioned ways, you can simply consult a mechanic and get to know about the availability of ABS in your vehicle. 

When to Check Your Car’s ABS? 

You should check your car’s ABS if you get the below mentioned signs:-

Warning Light

Warning Light

if you get to see the ABS warning light which is displayed on the dashboard, you should immediately check your car’s ABS and its working. 

Unusual and Sudden Sensation

If you feel any kind of unusual Or sudden sensation in your brakes, you should have a look at the ABS system of your car. 

Loss of Control

if you experience a loss of control then you should check your car’s ABS system as the main function of ABS is to control the speed of the wheels of your vehicle and give the driver better control. Thus, if this function is not performed by ABS, it means there is some problem with its working. 

Sudden and Unusual Noise

if you experience any sudden or unusual noise from your vehicle, you should check your ABS. In fact, in this situation you should inspect all the components of your vehicle. 

Routine Service

The ABS system of your car should also be checked at regular intervals for routine service to make sure that it functions well. 

Final Words

So, this was all about ABS, its system and its functionality. Now, you can easily get to know if your vehicle consists of an ABS system or not. Also, you have come to know that ABS is an amazing safety feature and it is really beneficial. 

FAQs of ABS of Your Cars

Will ABS completely eliminate the risk of accidents, skidding, etc? 

No, ABS cannot completely eliminate the risk of accidents, skidding, etc, but it can reduce the risk of these issues. 

Can ABS be disabled? 

Yes, but it depends upon the vehicle. Some vehicles don’t allow it to disable it as it is a safety feature. 

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