Best Skate Shoes For Wide Feet Ride With Comfort and Style

Skating is an amazing physical activity which permits you to relax and enjoy riding. However, if you really want to make it a fun activity and wish to get a great experience in it, it is important to have the perfect shoes for this. In this article, you will get to know about some of the best skating shoes for wide feet that you can go for. 

About Skating

Skating is basically a type of physical activity. It refers to a way of riding a longboard that gives a long, relaxable and enjoyable cruising experience. The activity includes the use of a longboard which is a type of skateboard that is long and more comfortable than other ones. This type of skateboard is especially intended for comfortable and long journeys. 

Best Skate Shoe

Cruising on a longboard mainly includes riding on plane surfaces like sidewalks, bike paths, boardwalks, etc. The main objective of this activity is to relax the mind and make the journey enjoyable. This can help in boosting the overall mood which will enhance both physical and mental health of an individual. 

Features and Characteristics Of Good Skating Shoes

So, before buying any kind of shoes for any purpose, you should first get to know about the things to consider which means the characteristics and features of the shoes. If you are buying shoes for a particular activity, it is important to have a proper knowledge of the features required in those shoes. 

Below Mentioned are Some Of The Features and Characteristics Of Skate Shoes For Wide Feet:-

  • Wide Toe Box:- It will be good if the shoes have a wide toe box as it will permit the foot to easily accommodate without any kind of discomfort or pinching.

  • Additional Padding:- A skate shoe for wide toes should have some extra padding to provide extra comfort to the foot. It helps in the prevention of rubbing and blisters by offering extra cushioning.

  • High Quality Insoles:- Skate shoes having high quality and supportive insoles will be a good choice as they will offer arch support to the toe and foot. They also helps in the even distribution of pressure.

  • Durable Substance:- Good or high quality skate shoes are manufactured by making use of durable materials which makes it long lived.

  • Strong Stitches and Reinforcement:- A skate shoe having strong stitches and reinforced areas enhance its durability. Thus, it helps in the prevention of premature tears.

  • Width Options:- There are various shoe brands which offer different wide width options for those who have wide feet. Thus, you can go for those brands. 

Best Skate Shoes For Long Feet

Below Mentioned are Some Of The Best Skate Shoes For Long Feet:-

Etnies Marana Skate Shoes

These skate shoes are offered by Etnies Marana.  It is an amazing choice as they are highly durable. They consist of an injected rubber toe cap, a highly durable cupsole and an STI evolution midsole. They comes in various colors, sizes and designs. 

Etnies Marana Skate Shoes

The shoes come with padded tongue and collar, full length flex grooves and a 400 NBS rubber outsole which enhances the level of flexibility.  In addition, the shoes come with hidden lace loops for additional safety and protection. 

Characteristics and Features

  • STI Evolution midsole 
  • Pro foam 1 insole
  • High quality rubber outsole
  • Deep flex grooves


  • These shoes are not water resistant. 

Vans SK8-Hi Skate Shoes

These classic style shoes are manufactured by Vans and are one of the best skate shoes for wide feet.  You can get a variety of colors in these. 

Their outer material has been made up of canvas.The closure type is lace up which will permit you to adjust the level of breathability. These shoes have been designed with innovative technology making them highly flexible and comfortable. They are capable of giving you an amazing experience in skating. 

In addition they are water resistant as they come with a treated suede upper that is responsible for repelling water. This keeps your socks dry. Also, they consists of an Ultracrush HD sockliner which offers extra cushioning and comfort.  They have a reinforced duracap toe bumper which gives them a long life.

Vans SK8-Hi Skate Shoes

Characteristics and Features

  • Water resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Come with Ultracush HD sockliner
  • Reinforced duracap toe bumper
  • Flexible and comfortable

Emerica Pillar Mid

It is another amazing skate shoe that I recommend to you as its manufacturing has been done in the USA and it has been imported.  They are 100% synthetic and their sole has been made up of rubber which makes them highly flexible.  In addition they come with perforations on the medial side and collar. 

Also, these shoes consist of a G6 Foam polyurethane insole which gives a high level of protection and comfort to the rider. They also come with a true mid top which offers ankle support.

Emerica Pillar Mid Skate Shoe

Characteristics and Features

  • 100% synthetic
  • Comfortable and durable
  • G6 foam polyurethane insole
  • Rubber sole

New Balance 913

The New Balance NM913 are really cool skate shoes made for skaters like Brandon Westgate. They have special stuff inside that makes them comfy and safe for doing awesome tricks. The shoes are tough because of the strong parts, and they also let your feet breathe because of tiny holes. They come in basic colors that skaters always like.

New Balance 913 Skate Shoe

Characteristics and Features

  • REVlite midsole
  • N2 heat pad
  • Suede and mesh that are highly durable
  • TPU lace cage
  • I would like to recommend you these shoes personally because these are one of my favorite skate shoes. 
  • They are perfect for skaters with wide toe(s). 

Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas

Another amazing skate shoe that I would suggest to you is Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas. The cool Nike SB Charge shoes are great for skateboarding. They’re made with a soft canvas on top and a squishy insole for comfy feet. The shoes also have a bouncy rubber bottom.

Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas Skate Shoe

The sole of these shoes has been made up of rubber and it has a platform height of 2. Its fabric type is Canvas. I am recommending these shoes as they have a solarsoft insole and round toe which makes them perfect for wide toes.

Characteristics and Features

  • Vulcanized rubber sole
  • Platform height of 2
  • Solarsoft insole and round toe


  • Need extra care while machine washing

DC Men’s Graffik Casual Skate Shoe

The coolest skate shoe from DC which is called Court Graffik is like a soft pillow for your feet when you are skateboarding or just walking around. It has been made of high quality leather material with cool graphics on it, and it’s super comfy with lots of padding to help you when you’re doing your trickiest skateboard moves.

DC Men's Graffik Casual Skate Shoe

Characteristics and Features

  • Lace up type closure
  • High quality rubber and leather material
  • No heels
  • Highly flexible and durable
  • Vent holes which permits your feet to breath
  • Mesh tongue
  • Foam padded collar
  • Lightweight


  • These shoes are not water resistant.

Final Words

So, this was all about skate shoes for wide feet. Above mentioned were some of the best skate shoes for wide feet. In addition, you have also come to know about the features and characteristics of good skate shoes.

FAQs Of Best Skate Shoes

How Will I Get to Know Whether I Need Wide Skate Shoes or Not? 

If your feet feel squished or uncomfortable in regular shoes, you might want to try skate shoes that are wider. You can also ask a person who knows a lot about skateboarding shoes in a store to help you find the right ones that fit well. In addition, you may consult a professional if needed. 

What are The Factors That I Should Consider Before Buying Skate Shoes For Wide Toes?

Some Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Skate Shoes For Wide Toes Are As Follows:-

Type of Sole ( Vulcanized Sole Or Cupsole ):-

A vulcanized sole is like the tough part at the bottom of skateboarding shoes. It’s great for gripping the skateboard well and making sure the shoes stay strong for a long time.

A cup sole is also like the strong part at the bottom of skateboarding shoes. It helps keep your feet safe and gives you good balance and support when you’re skateboarding. Vulcanised sole is better and long later, rest depends upon individual choices and preferences. 

  • Pronation:- It means the way your foot rolls inside the shoes. In case it rolls very much inside, it is referred to as over pronation.  And in case it rolls too much outside, it is called supination.

  • Breathability:- If you are going for skate shoes for wide feet, you should make sure that the shoes are highly breathable. Even with normal feet, breathable shoes should be considered. 

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